The Palaeolithic Archaeology Group (PalArchGroup) investigates the deep past and evolutionary history of humans. We are interested in how hominins evolved and how they adapted and changed their behaviours over the past 4 million years. We explore the very reasons that shaped hominin behaviorus and adaptations. Specifically, we investigate the evolution of hominins through the study of their archaeological remains. We do this by conducting fieldwork to generate new datasets and laboratory analysis of new and existing datasets. 

We are interested in contributing to a better understanding of:

* hominin behavioural diversity

* adaptations and responses to changing environmental and climatic conditions

* interaction between different hominin species

Key for pursuing these themes are an understanding of both natural and anthropogenic site formation processes and interdisciplinary approaches. 


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The PalArchGroup is part of the research network HEAS (Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences).


Our research is currently funded by the following institutions/granting agencies: