Korman' 9, Middle Dniester valley, Ukraine

The Palaeolithic Archaeology Group currently conducts fieldwork in Central and Eastern Europe. All of the sites are open-air localities characterised by long loess-paleosol sequences with high paleoclimatic resolution. 

Fieldwork: Excavations & Survey

Middle Danube Region

In the Middle Danube region we have been working at Upper Palaeolithic sites including Willendorf II, Grub-Kranawetberg, Grub-Kranawetberg II, and Ollersdorf-Heidenberg.

Fieldwork: Excavation

Kostenki-Borshevo region

The Kostenki-Borshevo region is known for its abundant Upper Palaeolithic sites. We conducted field research at Kostenki 14.

Fieldwork: Excavations & Surveys

Middle Dniester valley

We worked between 2011 and 2018 in the Middle Dniester valley, Ukraine, at a number of Middle Palaeolithic and Upper Palaeolithic sites including Neporotovo 7, Moldova V, and Korman' 9.

Fieldwork: Excavations

Transcarpathian Ukraine

In the Upper Tisza valley of Transcarpathian Ukraine we conducted field research at two sites. The Early Upper Palaeolithic site Beregovo I and the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic site Korolevo II.

Fieldwork: Excavation

Middle Prut valley

Our work in the Middle Prut valley has been focused at the Upper Palaeolithic site Mitoc-Malu Galben.