Studying faunal remains from Grub-Kranawetberg I


BA student Anna Wagner is currently analysing faunal remains from Grub-Kranawetberg I as part of her BA dissertation.

Anna Wagner - MA student in Evolutionary Anthropology and BA student in Prehistoric Archaeology - currently conducts her research on a sample of faunal remains from the Gravettian site Grub-Kranawetberg I. She is focusing on identification of the specimens and their taphonomic history. A special emphasis of her dissertation research is the evidence - or lack thereof - of exposure of the faunal remains to heat and fire. The material is stored in the NHM Vienna (Dept of Prehistory) and on the photo on the right Anna can be seen working in the Eiszeit lab of the NHM. We are looking forward to new insights in the human use of fire based on the evidence of burning on faunal remains.

Anna Wagner analysing faunal remains (highly fragmented) from the site Grub-Kranawetberg I in the NHM Vienna.